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Re-Certification Application
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Application for Re-Certification  

in Elder Law

Instructions: For additional information please hover over underlined text.

 Applications for re-certification received less than two months before the expiration date will be assessed a $150.00 late fee.

List all places of legal employment during the five years immediately preceding the date of this Application.

List all jurisdictions in which you are licensed or have been licensed to practice law including Bar I.D. and date licensed.

A. I am a member in good standing of the State Bar in all jurisdictions in which I am licensed to practice, I was a member in good standing at the time any license I may have had was voluntarily surrendered, and I am currently an active members of the Bar in at least said jurisdiction. See Rules and Regulations 5.1.1.

B. I have practiced elder law an average of at least 16 hours per week during at least three of the four years since my certification or most recent re-certification and, that I expect to satisfy the number of hours requirement in the fifth year of my certification.

C. I have provided legal services in at least sixty (60) elder law matters as defined in Sections (A) of the Rule and Regulations during the same period in the immediate preceding paragraph B.
Download the CLE form located at the bottom of this page. Once complete upload your continuing legal education in elder law within the period of your current certification or most recent re-certification. You must have participated in at least 75 hours of continuing legal education in elder law within the period of your current certification or most recent re-certification, with no more than 24 hours credited in any one year. CLE may be earned to satisfy this requirement until two months prior to the expiration of your certification. Please indicate whether the CLE course has been approved by the bar in any jurisdiction. If it has not been approved, please send sufficient information regarding the activity to allow the Standards Committee to make a decision regarding its acceptability to satisfy CLE requirements. The applicant may request on the application for re-certification credit for up to 20 hours of continuing legal education credit for teaching courses, speaking at seminars, authoring books or articles and similar activities.
List below the name, email and address of at least three (3) current NELF Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA®) who are familiar with your competence and qualifications in elder law. None of these attorneys may be persons related to you or engaged in the practice of elder law with you. You may give us more than the three references required by the Rules and Regulations. This is not mandatory, but will help ensure the timely return of the requisite number so as not to delay your application. All references you provide will be contacted and all references received will be considered, even if more than three are received.

As part of the Re-Certification Application Agreement, you have signed a confidentiality waiver, waiving the right to review or discover the Confidential Statements of Reference received from your references and the information contained therein.

Download the verification from the bottom of this page and upload once complete.

Re Certification Application Verification

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Re Certification Application - Verification PDF (73.71 KB) Administration 7/1/2019

Re Certification CLE Tracking Document

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Re Certification CLE Tracking Document
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Re Certification CLE Tracking Document DOC (40 KB)  more ] Administration 12/2/2018